Current Council Vacancies


MOSA Council Member Vacancies

Our Current Council Member Vacancies.

Council Member – Job Description

Responsible to:

  • MOSA Council

Accountable to:

  • MOSA Membership

Job Purpose:

  • General oversight of the management of the Association
  • Support offered to MOSA Officers as required

Key Tasks:

  • Work allocated at council meetings typically but not exclusively 2-3 guideline reviews or creations each year
  • Work allocated will be performed within an agreed deadline

Conditions of service:

  • Term of office is 3 years
  • Eligible for re-election at the following AGM following expiry of the term of office
  • 3 Council meetings a year (each lasting one afternoon)
    • It is expected that a Council member will attend five out of nine meetings in every 3 year period
    • Attendance will be recorded and published at each AGM
  • Attendance at Annual General Meeting
  • Contribution to email discussion between meetings
  • Ad hoc meetings as required and by mutual agreement as stated in The Rules of the Association


  • Council members will be remunerated in recognition of their attendance and work at Council meetings. This sum will be paid at an hourly rate, up to a maximum duration of three hours, the rate being decided by Council
  • Council members may claim reimbursement of travel expenses incurred in travelling to and from Council meetings or while conducting other relevant business on behalf of the Association.  They will be expected to find the cheapest method of travel, including taking advantage of early booking, and will be required to provide receipts for every monetary claim.  Should an officer or Council member not choose the cheapest method of travel, he may make a case for the reimbursement of the cost incurred to the honorary secretary

Additional remuneration to recognise the completion of extra work in addition to the normal duties

Performance Review

  • Council members will have a performance review every three years, prior to their re-election at an AGM.  The results of the review will be analysed by the president/trustees and a report of poor performance will be reviewed by the whole Council
  • At that AGM, the Council member will submit a written application, or proposal, together with a résumé of their work, achievements and future plans for contributing to Council and MOSA.

Person Specification

  • A current, fully paid-up member of MOSA
  • Ideally a passion and drive for school health 
  • Possessing good organisational skills, well-developed interpersonal skills and a strong commitment to the role

Knowledge, skills attitudes and behaviour required for the role


  • Primary healthcare and, more specifically, school medicine
  • Good clinical knowledge of common conditions affecting children and adolescents


  • Planning
  • Organisation
  • Communication
  • Persuasion
  • Influencing
  • Coaching
  • Ability to express oneself clearly in both the spoken and written word

Behaviour and attitude

  • Flexible.
  • Team player
  • Good self-motivation
  • Retaining a desire for continuous self-improvement
  • Approachable and willing to accept correction and criticism
  • Willing to convey and promote the culture, ethos and standards of good governance of MOSA to other individuals and organisations